The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts

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The Snake Diet | A Few Practical Thoughts is a video that reviews the snake diet and gives you my opinion of whether this is a bad or good diet system.

The snake diet by Cole Robinson is an intense lifestyle that has worked incredible for many people. Many people who have followed this diet system have reported losing incredible amounts of weight and been able to achieve the unthinkable. Its quite impressive seeing all the snake diet before and after photos.

The snake diet for dummies is basically eating a low carb diet while doing extended periods of fasting that allow you to burn the fat off your body. The snake diet belly fat burning system claims to be the only way to burn fat but fat can be burned through exercise, the keto diet, and many other ways. Fasting certainly is a great way to burn fat none the less.

The snake diet guy went on the show the doctors and they made him out to be a fool. Claiming his diet will kill people and making very strong claims against him. I almost felt bad for him until I saw his abrasive personality that has many videos belittling doctors. Though I understand his pints he is making it is never a good way to try to get along or cross the isle sort of speak to start a healthy conversation.

The snake diet the doctors unfortunately had a very unintelligent conversation. I believe some really good dialogue should have been had but the doctors were unwilling to even acknowledge the fact that Cole’s system works because fasting works. I also think its important for people to understand that many online health gurus have no health education at all and read and interpret information without a deep understanding as to how these ideas actually play out in a clinical setting.

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